5 Content Marketing Tips For Small Business

They call it “small business” for a reason. If you were a “big business” you’d have more people, a wider reach and, of course, a bigger budget to work with. The fact is, you’ve got to do more with less, yet you have the same need for exposure that the big boys have.

Businesses of every size have the same goals. It used to be that big corporations had the advantage over small business because they could outspend them. The good news for today’s small business owner is that the budget is no longer the deciding factor when it comes to marketing effectiveness. Content marketing has leveled the playing field.


If you want better online exposure for your small business, consider the following affordable content marketing tips:

1. Use Social Media. Does someone on your staff know how to use social media? Have them create a Facebook page for your business and post content to it every day. Start a Twitter account to get the latest industry news in real time.

2. Start A Blog. Are you an owner who could post one blog each week that offers information about your industry? Potential customers want to get their information from authorities, and this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge and establish credibility.

You could also have your employees take turns contributing to your blog. They will offer a fresh perspective for readers while populating your blog page with useful information.

3. Repurpose Content. Your business creates content on a daily basis, you just didn’t realize it! The notes from your last meeting, the technical paper you had written or the memos you’re sending around all contain valuable information that could be repurposed to distribute on the Web.

Take your content and create a white paper at regular intervals. Hire a writer to do an eBook every six months. Send out online press releases about your latest products and services. You could even put together a video using existing content for the script. If you don’t have the personnel to convert your content, consider hiring content marketing copywriters to do it for you.

4. Use SEO. Using the principles of search engine optimization will get you found by both humans and search engines. For example, articles are some of the best content products out there. A small business can hire an SEO service to optimize hundreds of articles around keywords that best relate to what you do. Or, you can research your own keywords and write articles yourself.

5. Create A Schedule. As a business owner, you know that planning out your course of action before moving forward is always a wise move. Create a schedule for your content before you begin. Your budget and human resources may dictate, but a typical schedule would include articles and blogs 2-3 times each week, white papers and ebooks every 3-6 months, email newsletters once a week or month. To know more about content management and internet services then visit here.

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