Best Workouts for Weight Loss


Have you ever tried to lose weight and failed? Losing weight to tone up your body can be difficult and harmful if you don’t follow the correct methods. Doing the correct workouts and maintaining it the right way to go about it will surely give you a strong and toned-up body. Here are some workouts that will help you achieve your goal of a losing weight.

In a week these workouts should be done 2 – 3 times, leaving a day’s rest between your workout days. Being a compound exercise regimen, each move will help many groups of muscles. This results in a great burst of strength. After each set of exercise you must rest for about 30 – 60 seconds.

Listed below are the workouts:

Squat and Overhead Press

This workout helps your abs, hamstrings, butt, shoulders and quadriceps.

  1. Stand on your feet keeping the distance between your feet spaced as wide as your shoulders, bend your elbows, dumbbells of 5 pound each in each hand and held at shoulder height, palms facing forward. Lower your body to a squat, your knees shouldn’t go past your toes. Stay in that position for few seconds.
  2. Pushing through the heels to stand up and pressing the weight over your head return to the start position. Do 15 repetitions in each set and a maximum of 3 sets.

Single-Leg Dumbbell Row

This workout helps the biceps, abs, hamstrings, shoulders, butt, quadriceps and the back.

  1. Hold a 5 – 10 pound dumbbell in the left hand standing up. By hinging forward and making your back roughly parallel to the floor, rest the right hand on a shelf or a chair for support.  Extending your left arm towards the floor, with the palm facing in, lift the leg straight behind you such that your body forms a T shape.
  2. Bend the left elbow slowly and lift the dumbbell till it’s even with your torso, hold it for few seconds then lower the weight. Switch side and repeat 15 times each set. Do not do more than 3 sets with this exercise.


 Step-Up with Bicep Curl

This workout helps your hamstrings, butt, biceps, abs and quadriceps.

  1. Stand on your left foot on a step or a stable chair, and hold 5 – pounds of weight in each hand.
  2. The weight being on the left foot, lift to stand on the chair or step, raise the right thigh so it’s approximately parallel to the floor, curl the weights up to the shoulders at the same time. Switch sides repeat this workout 15 times each set and do not do more than 3 sets.

Dolphin Plank

This workout helps the shoulders, back and abs.

  1. Lie with your face down and toes tucked. Keep the forearms on the floor and pull your bellybutton in towards the spine and come to low plank posture by raising your hips.
  2. While lifting your hips inhale, doing so the body will form an upturned V shape. Hold for a moment and return to the same start position. Do 15 reps each set and not more than 3 sets.


This workout helps the butt and back.

Lie with your face down with your toes pointed, palms facing down and legs in an extended position. Raise your arms and legs as high as you can and inhale at the same time, hold for a moment. Exhale while returning to the start position. Do 15 reps each set and not more than 3 sets.

These workouts mentioned above will help to gain strength and tone up your body. The workouts listed above don’t require many types of equipment and can be done at home quite easily. Another great tip every workout person should follow is topping up their protein level. This is something you can do it in many ways which includes either eating protein rich diets or else do take some good natural protein powders. Readmore on whey protein isolate at True Amino Australia website. They have a wide variety of natural NZ WPI there which is must take for every exercise person.

Stay health and happy exercising.

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