How To Choose A Metal Detector?

Metal detectors are a great aid in prospecting for gold. It is not easy to buy a metal detector without due research. There are many big names in metal detectors who use different technologies to make their products. You can choose between the pulse induction model or a very low frequency model. The cost of these detectors varies depending on its features and capacity.

The terrain is an important factor in deciding the type of detector to buy. Rough and harsh terrain requires suitable models while sandy or hard grounds need models more suited for these areas. Where do you plan to use the detector? Are you going to use the detector near the sea coast, desert or hard soil? Are you planning to use it near old ruins to find antique coins? Depending on where and for what you want to use your detector there are different models suitable for each use. There are special detectors for specific uses or a more general detectors with settings for specific type of prospecting.


Every year newer and more sophisticated models are entering the marketplace with improved features. If you go by recommendations of friends or other prospectors you are likely to get outdated information as they are likely to recommend the model they are using. So, it is better to research for yourself and find out about the latest models in the market.

Another factor to consider is the amount of time you are going to put the detector to use. If it’s just a part-time hobby and you will using it once in a while, then you can buy light use models. On the other hand if you plan to spend all your available time prospecting then better to invest in a high-end model that is made for heavy-duty use.

If children are also going to use your detector then invest in a light-weight model that is easy to handle by kids. There are also models that can be adjusted to fit different heights. However if you plan to use it solely by yourself then you should buy a model that meets your needs and specifications. Some models allow adjustment of arm cup others allow the controls box to be taken off making it easier to handle. The controls can be carried separately. Some models are easy to transport as they can be broken down into several parts while others need to be transported as it is. So, if you are planning to prospect far and wide then choose something that can easily fit into the boot of your car.

Consider metal detectors as a useful investment. If you are going to seriously prospect spending hours on this hobby, it is likely that you will come across many interesting finds. Even if you don’t consider it as an investment in your health as you will spending hours outdoors with your metal detector. A good quality detector with many useful features can make your hobby fun.

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