Information On Molluscum Contagiosum – Six Points You Must Find Out

Molluscum warts are common on the human skin. Their development can spread quickly after the molluscum contagiosum virus lands on your skin. Usually, the virus forms slightly raised pimple like lumps that often have a white mark in the middle. The contagiosum viruses occupy the white area because they remain shielded from the white blood cells that blocks disease-causing germs. The infection is ugly, definitely, especially if it grows on an adult person’s skin. It is obviously a beauty flaw that most adults want to clear right away. In order to learn and understand more details about this disease, read the following points.

a) Molluscum warts are easily confused with the other family of warts. While common warts are caused by the highly contagious human papilloma virus, molluscum is caused by a contagiosum, a pox virus.


b) Children are the rampant sufferers of this condition. Why is this true? Their immunity is very weak compared to that of adults. However, the rash can disappear on its own after about six to nine months. Sometimes it can take even five years to end completely.

c) The molluscum warty rash appears on the face, upper body, and armpits in children. In adults, it occurs on the genital parts and is often grouped over a larger area. While most common warts form on the sole of the feet or palm of hands, molluscums are never found on these parts.

d) Children are regularly involved in various activities and games. During their play, they can spread the virus among themselves. Contagiosum spreads through direct contact with infected persons. Since the virus is able to survive on non-living objects, you can touch the object and then your skin. If your immunity is weak the virus will reproduce on the surface of your skin. As a result, if you are sick, it is advisable to buy new personal use items that you often shared with everyone else in the family. Also, washing your hands after touching the warts is a good habit.

e) Since molluscum contagiosum is a very contagious virus, it is often very difficult to eliminate it using the available cures. Each inflammation stays for about half a year to about three quarters of a year. During this time the risk of contaminating other body parts is very high and as old lesions end news ones appear. Sometimes the problem can persist for a few years showing stubbornness every time you make attempts to get rid of it.

f) Most of the times a child who has molluscum problem are not treated. Some parents simply wait for the infection to go away. However, sometimes it is impossible to ignore a problem, especially if there is a risk of passing it to other people. The common ways of treating a lesion is by scraping it off or freezing it through cryosurgery. Sometimes the doctors recommended use of an agent called cantharidin, which is aimed at helping in the formation of a blister. Salicylic acid is also a common compound used to get rid of molluscum warts together with a tape. If you have genital lesions, you can try using the laser surgery by visiting your doctor, of course. Retin A, also called tretinoin is a form of cream which is very effective at eradicating the damaged areas as long as it is used for several weeks.

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