Penis Enlargement Tips & Techniques For You

Many men are insecure about their penis size and often scour the internet in search of the best possible ways to give it a few more inches. All of them will be happy to know there are ways to accomplish it permanently and without resorting to dangerous surgical procedures. Some of the most important and result-oriented penis enlargement tips are discussed in this article.


The basic methods of penis enlargement are founded on blood circulation. If there’s a lot of blood flow to your penis, it will naturally increase your penis size over time. The easiest and safest method to increase blood flow to your penis is by doing several recommended penile exercises. While pills, lotions, extenders and even surgery will give you similar results quicker, they are not always guaranteed to be safe for everyone. Allergic reactions to pills and lotions and hormonal level disturbances can occur in some patients. Such methods should only be used with caution. You can visit this site to get more information about penis exlargement tips and also how to make the best use of phallosan forte.

Just like with ordinary exercises, penis enlargement exercises also need to be started with a warm up and ended with a cool down. For obvious reasons, these exercises should be done in a private and secluded place. Your own bedroom would be ideal. There’s not much exertion involved in penis enlargement exercises, so you can do them without much muscular effort.

The most effective penis enlargement exercise is the Jelq. An ancient technique involving massage and rhythmic movement, jelqing is expected to permanently increase the penis length by 1-2 inches with long-term use. The goal is to increase the penis size to its maximum potential when erect. The technique involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis when half-erect and repeatedly drawing away from the body to increase the blood flow into the penile glans (commonly known as the “head”). The warm up and cool down for jelqing includes placing a hot compress on the genital region.

There are some risks involved in doing this too often, such as burst blood vessels causing urethral bleeding and temporary erectile dysfunction. But overall, considering all other available methods, penis enlargement exercises are safer and more effective (with the exception of some recommended penis enlargement pills).

While penis exercises can help increase the size in length, the girth is another matter. Some men prefer to use these techniques along with a penis enlargement pills, which can give more fulfilling results to most of them. It’s wise to consult a physician and get some basic health check ups done before you start taking any penis enlargement pills. Some factors affecting your penis growth are how easily you gain muscle, how flexible your ligaments are, body structure, your sexual rhythm and physical activity level.

In conclusion, using any penis enlargement method to increase your penis size can be rewarding, if you exercise caution while doing so. Similar to physical exercises, you need to follow these penis enlargement tips regularly and not indulge in them incorrectly to avoid embarrassing and possibly permanent damage.

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