The Flexibility And Uses of Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are a much needed accessory for a woman. Very much like a handbag, it is basically bigger and serves a greater utilitarian purpose. The great thing about a shoulder bag is that it is adaptable to any condition that the modern woman might find herself. This bag can be a fashion statement and a workhorse at the same time and thus is very popular.

For the working woman this bag is easily convertible to a female version of the male briefcase. It is sizeable enough to contain folders and documents. It may even have compartments inside to organize electronic gadgets, pencils, pens and memo pads.


For the working mother or the fashionable mother out on a Sunday trip with the new baby the bag can convert to a diaper bag. With its side pockets it can easily contain baby bottles. Likewise its deep compartments can hold diapers to small towels.

Single ladies can find comfort in the shoulder bag as it converts to an overnight bag for that unexpected trip with friends. It is big enough to hold quite a few overnight clothes. Its folder pockets can likewise hold toiletries and the like for a jaunt overnight.


Utility and fashion come together in the shoulder bag and there are many colors to choose from. These bags also change with the season in terms of style and form to match that favorite outfit or to give a certain look. The look can either be elegant, laid back, sporty or casual and this can be accentuated with the proper shoulder bag. Visit Holssen for more elegant & casual designs of bags.

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