The Many Uses Of A Drinking Water Test

A drinking water test can be used to determine the types of contaminants and other items that are present in drinking water. Different tests test for different contaminants. Some of the more common tests will detect the presence and levels of many aspects. The levels of these compounds and tests must be below a specified point which is set by the EPA.

Some of the more general tests include total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, total solids, turbidity, taste and odor, pH, bicarbonate alkalinity, carbonate alkalinity, total hardness, color, conductivity, corrosivity, sulfite, sulfate, volatile solids, chemical oxygen demand, chlorine, chloride, biological oxygen demand, acidity and alkalinity.

There are many microbiological tests which include denitrifying bacteria, yeast, mold, cryptosporidium oocysts, giardia cysts, heterotrophic bacteria, fecal streptococcus, fecal coliform and total coliform. Additionally many other tests will look at the nutrients such as zinc and lead found in water.

The need to test the tap water will depend on if you have any serious concerns about the health of the family and how it applies to the water supply. Many companies provide advice about deciding if you should have a test done. While many companies have to meet EPA standards many actually slip now and then and a test can show any problems. If you need a water analysis service the here is the company Olympian cares which handle water testing with a perfect manner.

This test can also be used to determine what type of filtration system you will need to produce clean water. There are many different types of filters that will eliminate different contaminants. A test will let you know which filter is most suited for your system. If your supply comes from a well then it will be necessary to test it frequently though public water should be safe to drink.

If family members are having many gastrointestinal illnesses then there is a chance that there is too much sulfate, nitrate or coliform bacteria in the system. Additionally the pipes used in plumbing will have different fittings, pipes and solder joints which can affect the levels of metal and pH in water. In fact the levels of lead are very dangerous if they are too high.

The components of H20 can also affect a filtration system or softening system. Many times they will cause the efficiency of different systems to decrease. A test will provide information about the best system components to purchase and install so your efficiency is not affected. Testing is also used to ensure that different treatments are working properly.

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