Tips to Stay Healthy

It is a fact that our body system will slow down and getting weaker as we grow older. At a very young age, all of us are capable to engage in sports and activities which require strong and fit stamina. But, the hormones in our body will start to deteriorate if we don’t take good care of our lifestyle and food. So, read on to find out the tips to stay healthy.


The most important consideration to have a healthy body is to take good care of your diet. You must first identify the types of nutrition needed in the body. If you are unsure about this, always Google for the food pyramid which is available online to identify the nutrition’s percentage that we have to consume per day. Our body needs grains and fibers, protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and a little bit of fat consumption per day. Besides that, it is recommended for us to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to prevent the body from getting dehydrated easily. As for older people, you must take sufficient amount of calcium to have strong bones.

Regular Exercise

Besides food consumption, regular exercise is essential as well to promise you a healthy life. You can choose to have either indoor or outdoor activities. Set a schedule for you to go for sports, jogging, jungle trekking or other activities at least twice per week. If you are someone who is always busy at work, you can opt for healthy equipment to perform your regular exercise at home.


To be healthy, you must have enough sleep. For a normal person, you must have at least six to eight hours of sleeping time. Try to sleep early and wake up early as well. You need to let your body and mind rest after a hectic day.


Don’t Drink & Smoke

Try to avoid alcoholic drink as it may harm your body. This is because your liver will have to work harder to filter and cleanse your alcoholic consumption. Thus, alcoholic drink will definitely deteriorate your liver’s function after certain period of time. Don’t be a smoker as smoking will damage your lung system.

Following all these tips to stay healthy, you will definitely enjoy a happy and wonderful life.

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