What is really Being an Eva Escort?

What a scandal has been through social networks the word “escort”, thousand frauds (sorry thousand erotic), thanks to various sites of pseudo-independent and other truly independent Escorts.

But what does it really mean to be an “Eva Escort?

Today the issue of “escorts” is very confused, perhaps the fault is the proliferation of so much portal that has emerged to date in Mexico. The offer has become so varied and so overwhelming that it is difficult even for the more experienced to differentiate between one offer and another.

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To say of an Escort:

“Tits and vagina we have all; However, invest in gym, be natural or with implants, to have a championship body, fitness as well as like; Take care of the skin, hair, all that besides speaking two or three languages, have a career or other knowledge to be able to assist them in meals or business dinners, that is to be an “Eva Escort”, the others who believe to be “escorts” by Which have a lot of bubi or buttocks would have to see even the amount of bubi or buttock if it is harmonious, lest at the first executive dinner your client will tell you that hired a Sullivan gordis.

But what really makes the difference with us is something as simple as it is powerful: We focus on “connecting” with people, “letting go”, living in the moment, being intimate, having the ability to be good listeners, – sometimes it’s just that, talk – the deal makes the difference.

It is about living the experience of affection, of the moment of the temporality of existing.

Although consensual sex is something as natural as the act of eating, the real pleasure lies in having the attitude and the touch so that we both enjoy the very moment we meet and agree.

That moment where we are only you and me, where nothing exists, where outside the world does not stop being world but stops for just an instant to just please us, embrace and enjoy ourselves, to satiate our solitude, our day to day, to leave One side our shame, our guilts, our problems, our lives to live an instant so our that no one could take away. That is the true experience of finding in our arms, our bodies and our souls, an oasis hidden from the eyes of the curious, where only you and I fit, where our bodies merge into one to give space to something more intimate, our.

That’s what makes the difference.

Sex?. Yes. But with complicity, affection and intimacy. Creativity and lots of disposition.

Nowadays where sex has become so easy to find, it is time to return to the basics, to what fills, to what motivates us, makes us human and makes us say: “Just for today, I will be happy.”

So I would like to ask a question to you kind reader and lover of the beautiful women: Do you consider that the girl with whom you will have an appointment today is like the “Evas Escorts”, or you only care about coarse sex and conform to anyone?

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