When You Need To Find A Contractor

Many situations require the knowledgeable advice and help of a professional local contractor, but don’t find a contractor by picking the first name that comes up in the phone book! You’ll want to do some checking before you hire or you could end up with an expensive mess on your hands. One of the best ways to ensure a job well done is to jump on a household problem that requires a contractor’s help before that little problem becomes and emergency! At the very least, research some of the local contractors before any problems arise. So, how do you begin?

First of all, compile a list of local contractors through the phone book, the Internet, and through word of mouth from friends, family and acquaintances. If you’ve had plumbing done and were pleased with the plumber’s work, you may be able to call them up and ask about a referral to find a contractor who works as an electrician. Chances are they’ve developed friendships with other contractors who hold high standards in their work. Once you’ve compiled your list, check the company websites and reviews from previous customers.

To find a contractor you can trust, look into what the Better Business Bureau has to say about this particular company or self-employed contractor. You can call their office, or look at the company rating online. Previous customers provide the rating, so you’ll know what others think about the work they’ve had done in the past. Another place to find complaints or recommendations is your local Chamber of Commerce or the State Board of Professional Licensing.

Now you’re ready to meet with the contractors that have passed the initial tests by being highly recommended! Call the contractors on your list to schedule an interview. During that interview you’ll want to address questions regarding the contractor’s licensing and insurance status, how long he’s been in business, what are his areas of expertise and experience, how much money does he require up front, and how much time does he think your project will take to complete. During the interview, trust you initial impression based on the contractor’s personality, genuineness and business skills.

As a final step, contact the references of the top contractors. If it’s okay with the reference, you may even be able to stop by and see his work. At the very least, let them know you’re trying to find a contractor to do some work for you and ask several questions over the phone regarding the contractor’s work. Was he punctual in getting the job done? Were there any problems during the project? How did the contractor handle conflict?

Once you’ve chosen a contractor and he’s drawn up a contract, you’ll want to read the entire contract thoroughly before signing. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Remember, this is your home he’s working in, and you want it done to your standards.

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